Frequently Asked Questions for a Marketing Interview

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  • Published : December 2, 2010
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Frequently Asked Questions for a Marketing Interview

1. What is market research according to you?

2. What is the difference between sales and marketing?

3. Explain the term customer loyalty.

4. What is the difference between Customer Satisfaction and Delight

5. What is Target Market?

6. Give an example of a product which exhibits habitual buying .

7. What are the various methods of Sampling?

8. Give an example of a lifestyle store.

9. What is meant by footfalls?

10. What is Primary Data?

11. Annual Report of a company is primary or secondary data?

12. What is meant by Cross Selling?

13. How will you show a physical evidence for an airline?

14. What is Brand Equity?

15. What is the difference between Market Potential and Sales Potential?

16. What is the difference between sales and marketing.
17. What is market Skimming . In what scenario will you implement it? 18. If you were a marketing manager of a five star hotel, how would you ensure the customer loyalty?

19. What is likert scale?

20. What is blue ocean strategy?

21. What are the applications of BCG Matrix?

22. What is sales territory?

23. Differentiate between needs and wants.

24. What is B2B marketing?

25. What are lifestyle brands?

26. What are cult brands?

27. What is Umbrella Branding?

28. What are quotas?

29. What do you understand from Service Guarantee?

30. What are intermediaries?


1. What is break-even point?
2. Distinguish between NPV and IRR.
3. What is a Derivative?
4. Explain Fundamental analysis.
5. What are Basel norms?
6. What is a Non Performing Asset (NPA)?
7. Describe Working capital gap.
8. What is EMI?
9. What is hedging?
10. Describe various types of risks in financial system.
11. What is a monetary policy?
12. What is exchange rate?
13. Mention various instruments of the money market.
14. Name the regulatory bodies for: banks, capital markets, and insurance sectors. 15. What is debt restructuring?
16. Distinguish between fund-based and non fund-based facilities. 17. What are documentary Letters of Credit?
18. What is arbitrage?
19. What is cash management?
20. What is ‘Bancassurance’?

Frequently Asked Questions for Mock Interview – Economics/Finance

1. What are Bonds?

2. Define money market

3. What is securitization?

4. What is credit creation?

5. Do you feel banking sector is able to weather recession?

6. India has a heavy percentage of public sector, is it helpful for sustaining high growth rate?

7. How monetary policy affects the growth of the economy?

8. Explain inter-linkages between monetary and fiscal policy.

9. What is financial crowding out?

10. Are stock prices an indicator of economic health?

11. Are we heading for stagflation?

12. So far as economic down turn is considered, which banking sector is better able to sustain, public sector banks or private sector banks?

13. Are we looking at reality sector recession?

14. Should we appreciate the rupee?

15. Is the dollar over priced?

16. What is capital market?

17. Should India opt for dis-investment in public sector?

18. What is sub-prime crisis?

19. Could India be facing sub-prime crisis?

20. Are inflation and deficit related

HR Domain Questions

1) What is the differences between HR , HRM & HRD ?

A. human resources, that element within a company which deals with the human aspects/needs of workers. Many companies have an HR department, which may provide a broad range of services to its employees. Some who work in HR are considered part of the department, but many people outside of such a department may have something to do with not just the financial aspects of work, but also “the...
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