Frenemies Script

Topics: 2006 singles, A Good Day, Figure Pages: 3 (524 words) Published: November 21, 2012
Bella Thorne - Rose
Zendaya - Selena
Stefanie Scott - Chloe
Mary Mouser- Kimberly/ Brooke
Nick Robinson- Jake
Murray- Lucky

Everyone is at school. Kimberly and Brooke are in Social Studies.

Kimberly: “Don’t you think this class is boring?”
Brooke: “No, I like learning about different countries!” Kimberly: “Whatever.”

Brittney and her boyfriend are talking and trying to figure out how she’s going to go to a party on Saturday after her mom said no.

Brittney: “Babe, can’t we just sneak out?”
Boyfriend: “Alright, pick you up at 8.”
Brittney: “ Yay, see you later.

Rose and Selena are talking about ways they can improve their fashion blog.

Rose: “How about … adding pink on everything?”
Selena: “No, that’ll be too much. Oh, how about adding a little bit of geeky flavor?” Rose: *Talking sarcastic* “Great idea and we can call it smarty pants!” Selena: “Okay, how about we finish tomorrow?”

Rose: “Alright. See You Later.”

School is over and Jake and his friend Lucky are at home relaxing.

Jake: “Hey boy! How was your day?”
Lucky: “Woof, Woof!”
Jake: “Yes, I did have a good day. Thank you for asking!”

Kimberly and Brooke are at home studying.

Brooke: “Don’t you just love Math?”
Kimberly: “Not really, I don’t like it, I hate it!”
Brooke: “Cheer up, it’s only twenty questions.”
Kimberly: “Ugh! I’m bored, let’s call Rose and Selena.” Brooke: “Alright”
The phone rings and Rose and Selena answer.

Rose and Selena in unison: “Hello?”
Kimberly: “Hey Rose.”
Brooke: “Hey Selena.”
Rose and Selena in unison: “Hey.”
Kimberly: “So did you guys figure something out for your blog?” Rose: “Not really, we can’t think of anything.”
Brooke: “Do you want me to help?”
Selena: “Umm, no thank you!”

The next day, all 7 friends are at school. They are sitting at the lunch table eating.

Kimberly: “So Brittney, what are you and your boyfriend going to do since you can’t go to that party?” Brittney: “We’re going to sneak out and come...
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