French vs American Revolution

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  • Published : April 14, 2008
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The French and American revolutions are both very significant in the world’s history. The American Revolution happened first, around the last half of the 18th century where the Thirteen Colonies became the United States of America, and gained independence from the British Empire. The French revolution on the other hand, was from 1789 until the turn of the century 1799. For the French people this was a period of political and social turmoil. The idea of Enlightenment stuck a large population of the French people and led to many changes in society. These two individual revolutions have many comparisons and although they are not identical they become intertwined with separate philosophies on politics and economic expansion.

The revolutions had a large quantity of ideas in common; however, they were two different countries, in two unlike geographical locations, with total dissimilar types of culture. The Americans planned out their revolution for many years until capturing the right moment to spark it. A significant fact is that the French played a key role in aiding America in its struggle against the British Empire. They supplied the Americans with money and munitions, they helped organize the American military, and even sent their own fleet to help end the revolutionary war. After the war ended the French upon returning to France, came to the conclusion that they did not have the freedom that they just helped America receive. This led to the French planning a revolution of their own.

The American Revolution was about the independence of the country. The people who planned this revolution were among the Capitalist middle class of society. The higher class consisted of the British loyalists and the lowest class was the slaves and workers. The capitalists wanted a different government where the people could run a great nation on their own without being governed from a country thousands of miles away. They wanted to create a democracy. The French...
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