French Society of 1789

Topics: Estates of the realm, French Revolution, Louis XVI of France Pages: 2 (882 words) Published: November 7, 2012
What was wrong with French Society in 1789?
After the death of Louis XV, his grandchild Louis XVI was appointed to rule over the people but his lack of ability to rule like a liege over the country plunge France into chaos, directing France towards a Revolution; The French Revolution. In France the French society was divided into three estates; The First Estate consisted of Clergy which had a population of 100,000 people, Second Estate consisted of Nobility which had a population of 400,000 people and Third Estate which was the last, consisted of the Bourgeoisie, wage earners and peasantry, simply put they were categorized commoners, they made up 90% of France. There was a major problem with this society division. The First and Second society enjoyed privileges that were unaffordable by the Third class. This locus caused the First and Second estates to manipulate and abuse the power bestowed unto them whilst the Third estate went through hardship to ensure their survival. It was known that France was already in financial crisis after the struggle to claim America, instead of it affecting the whole of France; it was evident that it only affected the Third estate since they lack all the luxuries and the common rights of men. Hunger struck like never before and disease was prone to every commoner. And this is what fueled the French Revolution, the unavailability of common rights upon every commoner, great level of inequality and inhumane injustice in the system. One of the major reasons to what fueled the French revolution was the callous behavior the First and Second estate exhibited towards the Third Estate. Most men in the nobility and clergy estates did not hesitate to find any way to ensure the suffering of the commoners. The first and second estate had the advantage of paying no taxes at all and gaining daily survival needs without pulling out a penny. On the other hand the third estate had to pay high taxes and intolerable feudal dues from the little...
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