French Skit

*****@sabrina Dominic Shoucair is the ugliest terrorist I’ve ever seen.

leave scene, Dominic come on

Dominic: Damien, look at this! Look at what Sabrina tweeted about me

Damien: why would she do something like that?

Dominic: I don’t know but I’m hurt, what should we do?

Damien: tweet something back about her

Dominic: what should I tweet ?

Damien: tell her she is a ……. (mogul)

@dominic Sabrina is a mogul

Sabrina: what? How dare he? * to self* -let me be careful, he is a terrorist after all, he may bomb my house.

Sabrina also posts a picture of a terrorist with a bomb on him

Dominic: look at what she wrote about me and she also put up this picture without my permission, now I’m really offended!

Damien: That is so bad, you need to do something about it. She can’t keep saying stuff like that

Dominic: I know she is s rude; I hate her

Damien: you need to report her to the school counselor

Dominic: I should do that to see if she will stop because if it continues I am going to take legal action against her.

At the counselor:

Damien: So we’re here to talk about your tweet Sabrina that offended Dominic.


Damien: Dominic, would you like to elaborate on what happened?

Dominic: Sabrina tweeted “Dominic is the ugliest terrorist I’ve ever seen” That is extremely stereotypical, how dare she call me a terrorist! Just because I’m Arab..

Sabrina: Well, you always joke about bombing airports, your Arab.. And you tend to intimidate everyone at school.. Jumping to the conclusion of you being a terrorist is not very far off

Counselor: Stop it you two! This is just inappropriate behavior, do you two know that you can both get fined for this type of behavior on the internet and also be banned form numerous websites due to inappropriate conduct and not obeying the decorum?

Dominic: Well she started it!

Sabrina: Well you made 911!

Dominic: You stupid girl, you don’t know anything!...
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