French Revolution

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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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French Revolution
When you look at the French Revolution there are several things you should consider such as; liberty equality, brotherhood, hubris, fiscal irresponsibility, democracy, and technology. The people of France were divided into three sections called the Estates-Generals. The first Estate was made up of clergy, the second Estate was made up of nobles and the third Estate was made up of the commoners, peasants/working class people During the French Revolution people were put to death for voicing their opinions. Most people felt that it should have been more of a constitution than a king. The lower class citizens never got what they wanted and always had a hard time getting what they voted for. Liberty was not an option and Equality wasn’t either the first and second estate had all the power, Liberty means being freed from a corrupt and controlling government because liberty was a natural and inalienable right.. When the lower class brought their issues to the king they were beheaded the same day. It was very unfair in the 17th and 18th century, the same thing that happen then is happening now the difference is people are not being beheaded instead we get lied to, we get told that the problem will get fix and we wait and wait still the problem remain the same. Lower class citizens still get treated unfair no one is treated equal as the constitution states. Equality for women was a gripping concept that was fought for throughout the French revolution, they fought endlessly for political and civil rights. The Brotherhood speaks of the Fraternity of the people in French, the citizens in French had one goal and that goal was freedom they all stuck together to make that goal come true. Hubris describes Napoleon Bonaparte he was overbearing, self confidence and because he was not born of noble birth he would have never achieved his place in the military if it had not been for that.
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