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Welcome to my French project on French architecture, French architecture is one of the richest and classiest architectural styles in the world it has also given some of the world’s best buildings there is quite a few things that distinguish French architect from all the rest like narrow windows coupled with wooden shutters, sloping roofs and a lot of arches. this is an example of a very French architectural building.

Notice the sloped roofs and narrow windows.

By: Tega Dortie
French house styles
French house styles can differ depending on the area In France, like in Paris there is no common house style the capital has been influenced by many different types of styles and slowly being replaced by a never ending urbanization with its huge buildings and absence of a particular style saying this there is also a large variety of magnificent tourist attractions and architect that I will come to later in the project. Now an example of a traditional architectural style would be burgundy in eastern France in burgundy they mostly use stone as a construction material. Traditional properties there would include farmhouses, half-timbered and winegrower houses. If you’re ever planning on moving to France and looking for a place that suits you try visiting

BY: Tega Dortie

this is one of the most famous, if not the most famous cathedral in the world! Notre dame was built by Maurice de sully he decided to build it for the expanding population and dedicated it to the virgin mary construction started in 1163 and took around 180 years to finish in about 1345 the cathedral retells its stories in its paintings, stained glass and portals if you would like to find out more try visiting...
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