French Position: Israel-Palestinian Conflict

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  • Published : August 21, 2012
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Delegate: Sambit Panigrahi
French Position Paper: Israel- Palestinian Conflict
A deep friendship between France and Israel has withstood all turbulences during the past 60 years and we sincerely work on deepening and stabilizing these connections. Accordingly France has expanded co-operations on the field of scientific, economic, cultural and political exchange and hopes to further expand her economic ties with Israel, who already today is her second largest trade partner in the region of the Middle East. By intensifying relations on broad range of fields, France hopes to regain the mutual trust of the Israeli people, which had been suffering during the last decade.

However, in the European Union France is the country with the largest Muslim community (approximately 5 mio.) and thus also maintains good relations with Muslim leaders in neighbouring countries to Israel, i.e. Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and the Arab Maghreb countries. The Israel-Palestinian conflict frequently has a destabilizing impact on the region and France thus has a vital interest in finding and promoting a fair and enduring solution for Israel and the Palestinian people. This can according to France’s understanding only be a two-state solution as designed by the UNSCR 242, and the Saudi-Arabian initiative, which locate the future Palestine state in the borders of 1967. The creation of a Palestinian state alongside the Israel is the only path to a sustainable solution, which must recognize Israel’s need for security, as well as the right for a Palestinian sovereign state.

Notwithstanding, the mutual understanding for the necessity of a durable solution, France as liable partner of Israel, furthermore keeps calling on Israel to withstand military restraints on Gaza, as much as she calls on Gaza, to stop violent acts against Israel.

France also maintains good relations with the Palestinian Authority and regards its empowerment as first and...
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