French Market

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Executive summary
As you are now considering further expansion of Costa Coffee in Western Europe, you have contacted us in order to research the brewed coffee market in France. We will be examining Costa Coffee’s internal environment as well as the situation of its potential competitors, which include Starbucks and McDonald’s.

This report will analyze Costa Coffee’s:
Finally, this report will look at recommendations concerning how the company should expand and remain competitive in France.

1. Strengths
Costa Coffee is the most important Coffee Chain in the United Kingdom and the second most important in the world (Starbucks is the first one). If we look more closely, there are more than 1300 Costa Coffee in the United Kingdom and over 600 shops all over the world (in around 30 different countries). Its brand name gives some visibility on its products and it is a good way to attract the consumers. Moreover, the company has a wide range of products: it offers coffee, hot chocolate and fruit coolers but also pastries, muffins, sandwiches and salads. Costa has also teamed up with Tassimo to bring you a new range of Costa At Home drinks to enjoy a delicious coffee at home. Finally, the company has also grown significantly over the years since 1971 and thanks to this, Costa Coffee cares for its coffee producers, including Costa Foundation, a charity. The Foundation's aims are to relieve poverty, advance education and the health and protect the environment of coffee-growing communities around the world (Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Vietnam, etc.)

2. Weaknesses
It is necessary to take in consideration the possible weaknesses Costa Coffee may have if you want it to be a success in the brewed coffee market in France, as well as to stand out from its competitors. Therefore, our consultancy firm thinks that Costa Coffee has to improve its...
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