French Exam Notes

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French Exam Notes:
Quantités (Expressions et « Le Comte de Monte Cristo »)

Le Comte de Monte- Cristo

Chapitre Un
We are introduced to the main character Edmond Dantes. He along with the crew of the “Pharoan” reveal news about their time on the seas (the captain’s death, detour to l’île d’Elbe, Dantes’ encounter with Napolean and his officials, and the message he had to deliver...) Danglars is jealous of Edmond as he becomes the unofficial captain of the Pharaon. Danglars looks forward to seeing his fiancée Mercedes and his father. - VOCAB: svelte- slim, armateur- owner of the boat, veuve- widow, autant que – as much as, larmes- tears... - QUESTION ANSWERS: the boat came from Naples, Napolean asks to buy the Pharaon, Dantes wants to go to Paris...

Chapitre Deux
Dantes visits his father and learns about his father’s payment to tailor Caderousse. His father, weak and hungry is still proud of his son’s success and return. Mr. Dantes paid Caderousse off after Dantes left, leaving him with only 200 francs for 3 months. Caderousse comes for a little visit, and Dantes tries to hide his coldness, Caderousse learns about Dantes’ success and incoming wealth. Caderousse meets with Danglars to get more of a report on Dantes. They conspire together... VOCAB: reprendre- continue, faire tort á- to hurt, s’acheminer- direct… - QUESTION ANSWERS : Mercedes lives in Catalane, Mercedes has apparently been cheating on Edmond, the debt was for Dantes who forgot to handle it beforehand...

Chapitre Trois
Mercedes is introduced in the beautiful village of Catalane with a man named Fernand (its her cousin LOL). He loves her but she says she only loves him, as if he were a brother, and she tells him that she is committed to another man. Dantes comes and embraces Mercedes as Fernand looks on with jealousy. Dantes recognizes Fernand’s jealousy and anger. VOCAB: entêté – leading, tendre – advance, tender, ceinture- belt. QUESTION ANSWERS:

Chapitre Quatre
Fernand meets Caderousse and Danglars at « La Cafe Reserve » They speak about Dantes’ successes (marriage to Mercedes, captain of the Phaaon, and favour among important people he works for...) They decide that killing Dantes and Mercedes is extreme, so they decide that prison walls are the perfect way to separate the two. Caderousse decides a letter should be sent anonymously to the magistrate of the king (le procureur). The letter states that Dantes should be charged with high treason for being affiliated with Bonaparte. They had done this as a joke but Danglars returned to the letter and went to the magistrate of the king. VOCAB: complot- conspiration, noce- marriage, arracher- snatch, ivre- drunk, procureur- magistrate, froisser- to crumple. ANSWERS: -

Chapitre Cinq
The day of Dantes and Mercedes’ engagement party. People came early to greet the couple with good luck and blessings, many of which were sailors (matelots) who worked with Dantes. In the middle of the meal, three knocks were heard on the door; it was the commissioner of police with 4 soldiers (soldats). They asked for Dantes and do not disclose the reason for his arrest. He is brave throughout the whole situation. His father cried as Caderousse and Danglars acted surprised (jouait surprise). Dantes assures everyone that it is a mistake, and he will return. A coach takes him to Marseilles. VOCAB: fiançailles- marriage promise, oser- risk, étonné- surprised, voiture- coach ANSWERS : -

Chapitre Six
Dantes is interrogated by Mr. Villefort, who is a prosecutor very obedient to the king. Villeforte recognizes that Dantes is very humble, respectful and confused about the accusation. He admits that Dantes does not look guilty (coupable) . Dantes pleads that he is not guilty and tells of the truth behind the Pharaoh’s detour to Elba. He promised to fulfill Captain’s Leclere’s duty to handoff a special letter to Mr. Noiriter, Villefort’s father (Dantes doesn’t know about this). Villeforte who...
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