French Cond. Tense

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The French conditional tense is very similar to the English conditional tense. It describes events that are not guaranteed to occur; often they are dependent on certain conditions. While the French conditional tense has a full set of conjugations, the English equivalent is just the modal verb "would" + main verb. Here are the basic conjugations

Pronoun| Conditional ending| parler > parler-| finir > finir-| vendre > vendr-|  Je|  -ais| parlerais| finirais| vendrais|
 Tu|  -ais| parlerais| finirais| vendrais|
 Il/Elle|  -ait| parlerait| finirait| vendrait|
 Nous|  -ions| parlerions| finirions| vendrions|
 Vous|  -iez| parleriez| finiriez| vendriez|
 Ils/Elles|  -aient| parleraient| finiraient| vendraient| |

The conditional is formed by adding the imperfect tense endings to the future stem of the verb. The conditional is often used to say what would happen if something else could occur: * Si j'étais riche, j'achèterais une grosse voiture (If I were rich, I would buy a big car) It's also used to talk about intentions or ambitions:

* Je voudrais être docteur (I would like to be a doctor) * J'aimerais aller en Australie (I would like to go to Australia)

There are many irregulars as well:
Infinitive-| English Translation-| Example-| Irregular Stem-| Aller-| to go-| J'irais-| i r-|
Avoir-| to have-| Tu aurais-| a u r-|
Courir-| to run-| Il courrait-| c o u r r-|
Devoir-| to have to-| Elle devrait-| d e v r-|
Envoyer-| to send-| Nous enverrions-| e n v e r r-|
Etre-| to be-| Vous seriez-| s e r -|
Faire-| to do, make-| Ils feraient-| f e r-|
Pleuvoir-| to rain-| Il pleuvrait-| p l e u v r-|
Pouvoir-| to be able-| Je pourrais-| p o u r r-|
Recevoir-| to receive-| Tu recevrais-| r e c e v r-|
Savoir-| to know-| Elle saurait-| s a u r-|
Venir-| to come-| Nous viendrions-| v i e n d r-|
Voir-| to see-| Vous verriez-| v e...
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