French and Indian War Dbq

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DBQ the French and Indian War
The French and Indian war (1754-63) affected the relations between the colonists and Britain in political, economic and ideological ways. Politically the Colonists were upset with the Britain because they were not represented in Parliament. After the war Britain had acquired so much debt it affected the economical relations, and this had the greatest effect on colonists because Britain placed taxes on the colonies to raise money to pay off their war debt. Also the two bodies were affected through ideological relations during the years leading up to the Revolutionary War. Britain caused the ideological reactions of independence and liberty to travel through the colonies, due to false representing the colonies and applying harsh restrictions. After the British won the War, they gained French and Indians land, this shifted the power over to the American Colonist and the Spanish (Doc. A). The overwhelming power of the colonist caused conflict between native tribes and lead to the Proclamation of 1763 the Native Americans believed "they [colonists] had no right to settle." (Doc. B). The proclamation of 1763 put a stop to colonial expansion. This frustrated the Colonist because they were not aloud to attack the Indians or kick them of the land. The colonists became angered, and they believed they were being deprived of their right to be free. However the Colonist could not do anything because they were not represented in Parliament. Politically this caused a rift between the Colonist and the British because the colonist felt they were not being taken care of. Prior to the French and Indian War, the Wool Act of 1699, the Hat Act of1732, and Iron Act of 1750 forced the Colonists to ship their raw the material to Britain. However, with the heavy British taxation, mercantilism was soon abandoned when the Colonists decided boycott and rebel against the acts. The Stamp Act enraged many of the colonists, and as Benjamin Franklin states (Doc....
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