French and Haitian Revolutions

Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, Revolution, French Revolution Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Based on the prompt the factors that led to the French and Haitian revolutions are similar in the way that they both had domino effects and equality issues as underlying causes, and different in that the French people starving was a major reason for their revolution.

A main similarity in the factors that led to the French and Haitian revolutions was the domino effects of other nations revolting. To start off, France had been aiding American’s in their revolution, which was resolved with the signing of The Declaration of Independence. When troops returned home and things settled, people basically realized that they weren’t exactly being treated fairly. Napoleon drove home these thoughts with his bringing back ideas of enlightenment from the American colonies. These thoughts obviously then led to revolting, hence the revolution. The same can basically be said about the Haitian revolution. Except in this case it was stemmed from the French Revolution, which stemmed from the American Revolution, note the similarity between the two. Haiti was a French colony, so it didn’t take long before the Haitian’s caught on to what had been going on in France. Basically the same events as with France ensued, people realized what else was happening around the world, and revolting to promote change began.

Another similarity in the factors that led to the French and Haitian revolutions was equality. Simply put, there was none. France was comprised of three estates. 2% of the population made up the first two estates and the other 98% was in the third estate, the poorest of the estates. The third estate was treated completely differently than the others, in the form of representation and taxation. The number of people in the third estate trumped everyone else, yet they only got one vote just like the other 2 estates. Not only this but they were the labor force of France and were forced by King Louis XVI to pay higher taxes, which the clergy and nobility didn’t have to pay. As...
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