Freezing Melting Lab

Topics: Solid, Liquid, Melting point Pages: 4 (838 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Freezing and Melting of Water.

Richard Landolfi
Due Date:11/1


the purpose of this lab is to determine the freezing and melting temperature of water. Freezing temperature, the temperature at which a substance turns from a liquid to a solid, and melting temperature, the temperature at which a substance turns from a solid to a liquid.


If the water is at a low temperature then it will freeze. If it is at a high temperature then it will melt.


2.Vernier Computer Interface
Logger Pro
Temperature probe
Ring Stand
Utility Clamp
Test Tube
400ml Beaker
10ml graduated cylinder
stirring rod

Safety considerations

During this lab you will need to have googles on throughout the whole lab. I will also be very careful when handling glass lab equipment such as a beaker. when moving the glass lab equipment one should handle the equipment with both hands. Also no horseplay will be allowed during the lab or around the lab equipment. Also it is important to use common sense, determine what you think is safe from unsafe.

Part: Freezing

One of the many steps towards the experiments completion was to collect all of the lab equipment listed above in the materials list. Next the program was opened for the lab. After water was put in a 400ml beaker 1/3 full with ice, then there was a 100ml of water added. Then 5ml of water was put in a test tube and the utility clamp was used to fasten the test tube to the ring stand. Once done a temperature probe was placed into the water inside the test tube. After the probe was connected to the computer interface. The computer was prepared for data collection by opening the file “02 Freeze Melt Water” from the chemistry vernier folder of Logger Pro. After all of this had been completed the collect button was clicked so that data collection could start. Then...
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