Topics: Christianity, Homosexuality, Same-sex marriage Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Legalizing gay marriage in the United States, given that it is the rights of the people, as stated in the Bill of Rights, and the pursuit of happiness talked about in the Declaration of Independence. With the presence of all these rights and declarations, same sex marriage should not even be an issue; it does not need to be granted permission to take place, as marriage between two people of opposite sex doesn't need legalization. The gay community faces many challenges; and one of their main opposition is in the religious group: The Christian community. They have some major differences, what the gay community engages in is seen as immorality in the Christian community. This article discusses what each community views are regarding the subject. My first point is, the first thing a Christian has to say about homosexuality is that it is a sin, and God hates it. Yes, it is true about God's hatred for homosexuality, in the bible it goes by the name sodomy. The most popular story in the bible was about Sodom and Gomorrah, and what they did to merit total destruction. Some say that God never mentioned his hatred for homosexuality in the bible, scriptures like 1 Corinthians 6: 9-10, and Leviticus 18:20.What I would like to address is the way homosexuals are being treated by Christians. Majority of Christians hate homosexuals, and address them in very appalling ways, and classify them as if they were lesser humans, which by their standards should not be done. Lest they forget that God loves his people and only detests the act, what happened to the love that Jesus Christ preached? Loving our neighbor as much as we love ourselves, the greatest commandment. Little is even done to convert them over to Christ. Do they not know they also are committing sin by not expressing love, and that God frowns against hatred of any kind? Secondly, the mindset of Christians that makes them think that sins are different, as I said earlier Christians regard homosexuality has a sin, but it...
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