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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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Keith Fernando
Mr. A. De Medeiros
5 March 2013
“It Starts With Me” by Craig Kielburger
A sublime leader, who emerges through the state of human society, comprises exceptional qualities that many would not portray. Craig Kielburger had inconceivable qualities of a leader considering his age at the time. Understanding the true meaning of leader, Kielburger knew that he possessed the ability to change the world through the assistance and unification of people. In the autobiography “It starts With Me” by Craig Kielburger, Craig exhibits elements of an honorable leader as he consists traits such as leadership, generosity and ambition, which successfully succor him in achieving his goal of ending child labor.

Craig Kielburger displays characteristic traits of a leader through his leadership skills and potentials. A sublime leader is defined to be as inspiring, courageous, honest and fair-minded which Kielburger comprised at an early age. In his youth years he took the initiative of creating a community of people in order to provide solutions to free the children from labor, as he first began with his own classmates, “ ‘I thought maybe some of us could get together and see if there was anything we could do’ ”(Kielburger2). To take the initiative and standing up by attempting to solve a world issue, demonstrates Craig’s qualities of leadership even by achieving the slightest difference in the community’s view of this issue. The ability to understand the power of unification of the people to pursue change in the world, illustrates Kielburger’s key properties of leadership traits that he contains, “But I can work to solve some, with the help of other kids—and grown-ups—who care, and a God who guides us all”(Kielburger4). Therefore, considering Kielburger’s age at the time, he displays immense qualities of honorable leadership dexterities.

Ambition is a key component of Kielburger that ultimately assist him in achieving success in his future,...
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