Freedom Writers Analysis

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Analysis Sheet For Other Related Texts

* Name of text: Freedom Writers (2006) Film
* The composer of the text: Richard Lagravense

Write a brief description of the text, mentioning its purpose, audience and giving a brief summary of the content:

Set in Long Beach California the film ‘Freedom Writers’ is about a young beginning teacher who is soon challenged by a group of Black, Latino and Asian gang members who have extreme hate for the new teacher, Erin Gruwell. Over time Erin begins to listen and realizes that by listening to these students she begins to understand that getting through the day alive is enough and that these young teenagers are not normal they are fighting a war on the streets that had began long before their time. Erin works out that by giving these children respect they will respect her and by these she can make these young children realize that no matter your ethnic group, colour or religion everyone is the same and everyone should be treated equally. Freedom Writers was inspired by real teenagers and the diaries that these young adults had written after the LA riots. This text was created to show the events and challenges faced in this time period. The audience of this film would be stereotypically young adults and individuals who have suffered from unjust and who can relate to this film.

Describe how the text relates to the concept of belonging. What assumptions about belonging does it illustrate?

The text Freedom writers directed by Richard Lagravense is a film that relates to the concept of belonging, it does this by the director clearly identifying the students as they belong to different ethnic groups, based on colour, race and ethnicity. As students these young adults also belong to Miss Gruwell’s class and room 203. This Movie begins with these young adults not belonging but in the end they end up belonging and realizing that everyone is the same. A thesis statements that links Belonging and the movie...
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