Freedom Writers

Topics: Freedom Writers, The Freedom Writers Diary, Erin Gruwell Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: December 12, 2011
The Freedom writers Diary which was a amazing true story for it shows strength, courage, and achievements in the face of adversity. This remarkable true story starts in the fall of 1994, in class room 203 at Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach, California. Erin Gruwell first time teacher faced her first group of students, told to be “unteachable and at risk” teens by the administration. Erin’s class room diverse mix of African-American, Latino, Cambodian, Vietnamese, and Caucasian students, whom many of had grown up in poverty, rough neighborhoods in Long Beach fighting their own war’s in gang violence, mental and physical abuse and reactions to Erin and her unconventional teaching methods realizing that education is what they need to succeed in their lives.

In the Freedom writers Erin Gruwell finds out that her students are being confronted with gang violence living in Long Beach within their communities in danger of facing death every-day. It’s like they are living their lives in a battlefield outside of school, where death is very real. “At 16, I’ve probably witnessed more dead bodies than a mortician,” says a Woodrow Wilson High student of Erin Gruwell, before describing a life of gang wars which is a everyday occurrence. This violence is do too racism and because gangsters enter into other gang members territories to cause chaos. One of the students in freedom writers states that, because of all the crime in their neighborhoods “I’ve lost many friends, friends who died in an undeclared war” Due to all this violence happening around them the freedom writers are always in the lookout in an out of school trying to survive another day. For some students joining gangs is bad but their only option as some might not have family to look after them, but this causes a problem as it affects the way people see education by ruining their concentration. So it will be difficult to turn away from your gang live to pursuit your education.

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