Freedom Writers

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The freedom Writers Essay

In “The Freedom Writers”, “Mrs. G” has to find some way to catch the student’s interest, help them to do work, and maybe even try to understand their problems in life. What starts out as a grade, turns into a pathway from the students to the teacher that leads to respect, strength, and understanding.

As the teacher reads the students journals, she begins to realize that these students live tragic lives and because of that, it causes separation in her classroom between each other. Once she understands what is going on she starts to try and unite them. At first it doesn’t work but as the story goes on, students from different gangs start to become friends. “Mrs. G” had read the journals and realized that the only thing different between the students were their skin color. She then figured out how to teach them, and by giving them the journals, she is able to understand them, and as she teaches, they both become understanding of each other. She then begins to boost their confidence in themselves because now they know that they’re not the only ones living an unhappy life. After both sides are connected, and “Mrs. G” shows that she cares for the students, then the students start to show her respect because she wants to be apart of their lives. Now instead of the classroom feeling like jail, the students love to come to school because it feels like home to them, and they will never leave home
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