Freedom Writers

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: October 1, 2008
Forced to Care?

Should people who do not care be forced to care? Every year, thousands of U.S. ninth graders enter high school with the reading and math skills of a second grader. These students have been regarding school as a low priority. They often do not understand the importance of school, especially in today’s world. Many of members of education boards often speak of this matter but little is being done. It is time to put actions into words. Therefore, students that have shown no academic interest should be placed in slow-moving courses. They should be taught by passionate teachers and they should have longer school days. If these plans become actions, then all the students who are behind will have the opportunity to become academically successful. In elementary school, students are taught the foundations of learning. Later in their academic career, these foundations are revisited and build upon. However, when students do not understand a lesson, their foundations are incomplete. Thus, when these students go back to build upon what they have “learned”, there is nothing there. Students then feel lost in a sea of difficulty. Hopelessness soon sinks in and they begin to care less about school. Therefore, the students should be required to repair their foundations. This can be accomplished by slow-moving courses that re-teach and ensure student comprehension.

While an academic career is controlled by the student, the teachers heavily influence the learning process. So when a student is already giving no effort, a poor teacher only reinforces his lack of self-motivation toward school. This unfortunate event is recurring. However, a strong, firm teacher can change a student’s life; similar to the movie Freedom Writers. Mrs. Erin Gruwell performed as a teacher in the most excellently. She used her influence on the students’ life to change their lives! This is an incredible feat for a first time teacher. “Mrs. G” repaired the fractured structures...
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