Freedom Writers

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Freedom Writers
Dozens of diaries and thousands of words, the words of pain, suffering and dreams, and the only one man with an unshakable strength of will, who decided to these words embody in the life. Just so I would like to start. The director of the film is Richard Lagravenese. The year of production is 2007. Main actors of the film are Hilary Swank, Patrick Dempsey, Scott Glenn, Imelda Staunton, April Lee Hernandez, and Kristin Herrera. The genre of the film is drama. Many teachers really think, that they understand their disciples, or, if not delve into the psychological aspects, know how to teach. Teachers depend on the Director of the school, superiors, the education system and firmly believe that this is enough. But often some teachers forget, what is actually the aim of teaching: the raise of the disciples of People, publishing them in the world prepared, clever, able to cope with the difficulties. The disciples, too, people, not computers, income-generating enterprises and States. And the movie «freedom Writers» is about that, what should be the real teacher. This film tells us about how you can change a group of teenagers. Describes all of their feelings, emotions and destiny. They are a group of teenagers, which may be finish school, or did not survive, or just go into a gang. She is a new teacher at Woodrow Wilson High School. This film touches on other different topics, such as race discrimination, hate, pain, honesty, friendship and human indifference. The image of the teacher affects up to the depth of soul. She, being perfectly experienced in the field of pedagogics was able to reach out to the children, which the professionals felt lost and useless for the society of human beings. On the background of class she looks completely vulnerable, because children with whom it has business not simple schoolchildren, and the people who during his short life have survived longer than those who are educated. This was the main difficulty. Teacher, who...
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