Freedom Writers

Topics: Woodrow Wilson, Learning, A Dream Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: January 8, 2013

We all have our own story to tell, the only question is…is it worth telling?

The students in Woodrow Wilson Highschool under the class of Mrs. Gruwell were delinquents. They were part of gangs of every kind black, Latin and Cambodians. They were racist. They beat up people who aren’t in their gangs and they protect their own even if it isn’t worth protecting. My first conception of delinquents were that they will never change, they were born to be like that and nothing and no one can change them, but after watching the movie my whole idea of these people changed. The thing is, this people aren’t as useless and worthless as I thought, they can give and be so much more than what they were before. They are actually willing to learn but they didn’t know that at first. They only need a person that can show them they aren’t trash and they deserve what other people are receiving. They deserve to be treated equally.

The line that caught my attention the most is “ Everyday I worry when will I be free.” We are all in prisoned in one way or another. Trap in our own world full of cruelty and despair, wondering when will we be set free. But what we don’t see is that we aren’t alone, all of the people in the world are experiencing what we are experiencing. All people no matter what race have something in common. The teens didn’t get that at first, they thought their world and the life they’re trying so hard to fight for just so they can live another day is the burden they themselves only face. In the movie they found that they can fight together and they aren’t alone anymore.

I admire the commitment of Ms. Gruwell. She proved that being a teacher is more than just being in class and lecturing whatever the lecture plan for the day is. She goes out what a common classroom is and making a difference in every class and in every person. We teens find it so hard to be heard, we feel like nobody understands us and the least expected person, a teacher, to...
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