Freedom Writers

Topics: Racism, Freedom Writers, Nazi Germany Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: January 2, 2013
A film based on Erin Gruwell’s experiences as an English teacher to inner-city Los Angeles youth, a Latino student is drawing a derogatory picture of a fellow black student. Intercepting the racial correspondence, Gruwell is reminded of a caricature she had seen from the Museum of Tolerance—Holocaust propaganda of a Jew made to look like a rat. Drawing parallels between her students’ ignorance and the prejudice of the Nazis, Gruwell captures the attention of her class by pointing out the seriousness of their actions and the implications that can follow Gruwell explores the situations that have led us towards conflict in the past and how tolerance and understanding could have prevented such negative outcomes. A true proponent that one person can make an extraordinary difference, Gruwell inspires us all to embrace the concept of changing lives by teaching tolerance. Erin Gruwell impressed me most. It is because despite all the negative things that block her way toward her dream for a change, she never gave up in the belief that there is a greater chance for a change among her students. I would recommend this film not only to my friends but also to my family is it because in this film you can get many ethics ands I bet those individual who is encountering those kinds of problems can relate and somehow can benefits in the lesson which made by this film.. Wherein the lessons provided by this film are not only by students but also the teacher and parents so that they can learned what help or assistance of their son or daughter is seeking. This movie was about real life I guess. Racism is a disease. If any racist is watching this movie, don't just watch it, try to realize what this movie is trying to tell you. Can't believe that woman didn't gave up even her husband didn't support her. That guy was a jerk. I recommend everyone to watch it.
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