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By | November 2012
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MLA Citation: Enter (or copy and paste) the citation information for a source.

Cohen,Scanlon. ” The rights and wrongs of abortion.” Philosophy . Princeton U. Press Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton Press , 1974. P85-156. Fortunately none of the arguments for and against abortion need be expresses in terms of “rights.” Since she has chosen to conduct her case by playing off a right of life against a right to decide what happened in and to ones body shall began by showing how this way of arguing about the wrongs of abortion .

If the citation is more than one line, then second line and every line after it must be indented. See example below:

Philippas, Niki G., and Clifford W. Lo.. "Childhood Obesity: Etiology, Prevention, and Treatment." Nutrition in Clinical Care 8.2 (Apr. 2005): 77-88. Academic Search Complete. EBSCO. Jim Cherry Learning Resource Center, Clarkston, GA. 6 Oct. 2008 .

Directions: Read the article you selected. In a paragraph of at least 5 to 8 sentences summarize the article. When you summarize information, you only include the main idea and the most important supporting details. This information is written in your own words and allows you to save space.

2.The rights and wrongs of abortions, Contains certain things like a case say you ere kidnapped; you didn’t volunteer for the operation that plugged the violinist into your kidneys. Can those who oppose abortion on the ground I mentioned make an exception for a pregnancy due to rape? Certainly. They can sya that person have a right to life only if they didn’t come into existence because of rape, or they can say that all persons have a right to life, but that some have less rights then others, in particular, that those who came into existence because of rape have less

Throughout the entire article, the author is speaking on the subject matter. When you paraphrase information, you...

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