Freedom Writer

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Freedom writers

In this movie the main point what director wants people to understand that we are different colour, different religion, different culture but we all are same, we all have same blood, we all have feeling. Been resist is not the answer of anything. No one is superior, everyone is equal. We all have problems but it depends how we deal with over problems. Creating group or gangs and killing or beating each other are not going to solve anything. Education plays most important rule in life, because it opens your mind, teaches you what is right and what is wrong. If you are educated your decision could be different than other non-educated person. Education make you wise, teaches you how to live your life. What Hilary Swank try to do with those kids is, she try to educate them, teaching them what is wrong and what is write. Some teachers were not willing to help them. They thing is waste of time, they thing those are they just come there to meet there friends and do there time. If teacher do this kind of stuff then where these kids gone go. Not letting them use the book just because that they will ripe it or they will draw something on it. Teachers and students relationship should be strong, where student feel comfortable talking and sharing his or her problem. This movie for me is the best movie I watched it after very long time. I give 5 stars to this movie.
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