Freedom vs. Predestination

Topics: Human, Truth, Debut albums Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Freedom vs. Predestination
People like to believe that they have the freedom to choose what they want to do, however it is quite the opposite. Freedom has its limitations to what people are allowed to do, but predestination has no limits of any kind. Freedom is in fact used to cover up predestination, to keep people content in following absurd rules. Without predestination, how do we know what the weather will be like, or if the sun rises, or if someone will stop at a red light. You just do, common things that we think are just common sense are really not, people stop at those red lights in order to sustain their life, not by their choice of, I don’t want a ticket. Predestination makes the most sense between the two. There is no other way to explain how people who grew up poor, somehow managed to create their own company and become millionaires. Predestination shows that they were destined to create that company, that it was not freedom. Freedom wouldn’t have given them the chance to show their ideas; it only allows them to create the ideas. Predestination explains almost ninety percent of what happens in the world, from birth to death, and even pure luck. Freedom cannot cause you to have good luck in a day. It is predestination which brings you to that good luck, not freedom. Freedom is a misconception that takes over the human race like a parasite. It is used to cover up what people do not want to believe. A murderer had the choice to kill that person, or was it just their time to die according to their predetermined destiny. With this situation, freedom is used to make it easier on the family of the deceased person. Instead of having them face the truth that it was just their loved one’s time to die. It is also said that freedom controls not just physical actions, but creativity in our minds. This can be argued due to the fact that why isn’t everyone in the human race born with the ability to draw or paint or make something with the same skill? It can also...
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