Freedom vs Determinism

Topics: Free will, Causality, Id, ego, and super-ego Pages: 2 (845 words) Published: November 16, 2010
Lucy Ly
Determinism vs. Freedom

Freedom is when we can make our own choices in life, its either we choose x or y. I personally think we don’t have much freedom than we say we do. We can’t choose to one decision based on us, there is maybe more pointing towards a certain choice because it’s better for them. Humans are selfish and greedy, majority, we deciding on situations based on how it will benefit us. Or is it determinism, we do certain things a certain way for the cause and effect it brings us. Freedom is when a person thinks he or she can choose option x and believes that even though they chose x they could of chosen y instead if they wanted to. And determinism is decisions we make past on our past or our own knowledge.

To a certain extent I believe we do have a minor percentage of freedom but when I over analyze certain choices I’ve made I didn’t really have a choice. I chosen a path based on the cause and effect. One example that we don’t have freedom over is what kind of parents we have. I’m sadly in an over controlling and over caring household. My mom tries to decide and control how I should do things, rather it be school, boys, friends. I don’t have any freedom in this house. I would want to hang out with friends at night but then I would think how my other is going to yell and bother me about it, I rather just please her than go through the whole arguing phase. If I had a choice on whom would be my parents, it would be parents that are caring and trust me and not bother me about every little thing.

One point in which we do have freedom over is going to school, but it is also something that is set, we do it because it benefits us. But we do choose if we want an easy life or a difficult one. I chose to go to school because so it would be easier for me to get a job later on when I get out. I know the consequences if I decide not to go, I would probably live with my parents the rest of my life, not enjoy life to the fullest...
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