Freedom Rides

Topics: Freedom Rides, Social movement, COINTELPRO Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: December 17, 2012
In 1947 the CORE put together the first freedom ride, named “The Journey of Reconciliation”. The case of Morgan v. Virginia was the basis of the “Journey of Reconciliation”. December 1960, in the case of Boynton v. Virginia, the Supreme Court ruled segregation of inter-state travel illegal. The Boynton case consisted of an African-American Harvard Law student, Bruce Boynton. Bruce was on his was home to Montgomery. At one stop he decided to sit in the white only section of a lunchroom and when asked to move, he did not. Boynton was then arrested for trespassing and given a fine of ten dollars. Testing the Boynton decision, CORE activist Tom Gaither set up a “Freedom Ride” throughout Rock hill, SC in 1961.This was the beginning of the Freedom Rides. CORE stands for Congress of Racial Equality. This group, along with the SNCC, helped put together many of the Civil Rights movements in the 1960’s. As the rides continued, the rides through Georgia and a few other states went by peacefully. These states did not want any trouble with the Supreme Court and decided to obey their ruling. Although those states chose to be peaceful, many others did not. In Anniston and Birmingham Alabama the rides took a turn for the worst. On May 15, police officers in Anniston, Alabama willingly let one-hundred or more Klansmen ensnare the riders. They attacked a bus. The bus driver got away with a few broken windows and some slashed tires, but when he stopped to change the tires, the bus was attacked again. There were also riders in other buses. Another bus successfully reached Birmingham, Alabama, but was greeted by another mob. The passengers were beaten by lead pipes, bicycle chains, and baseball bats. Although lives were both lost and threatened, the young women of SNCC would not let that stop them. They decided to continue on their journey and more trouble comes. The rides continued from Birmingham to Montgomery. A bus is escorted by police officers but when they arrive in...
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