Freedom - Reflective Essay

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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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Many people consider that freedom is the right to act as they wish, to express their opinion out laud, to choose their religion, but this concept is not that simple. In my opinion, freedom does not exist; is just a false imagine which we create in order to develop ourselves and to have something for what to aim. All our actions are constrained by our background, by religion, by the society in which we have grown, by the economic, financial status and even by physical heritage. Therefore, free will does not exist and we cannot act freely. If I consider that freedom exists, then what is it? And more important, when a person should be given freedom? Is everyone entitled to freedom? To begin with, I will try to define freedom. Freedom is the right to act as you whish as long as you do not harm the other’s right to freedom. You cannot hit someone, as well as is not ethical and moral correct to abuse from freedom of speech by making noise. With great power comes great responsibility. So, believing that freedom can only give opportunities is just a false imagine. Considering today’s society freedom might be an advantage, but is definitely a burden because not many know how to handle it. Taking the most utopic example when a person is free from the economical, political and financial point of view I wish to underline the fact that not everyone is entitled to freedom. Freedom from our own minds is the real essence of personal freedom. Unplugging ourselves from the traditions, the memes, the doctrines of our societies and everything that comes with them really means being free. Therefore, depends on how can an individual, after getting rid of the undesired legacy, can choose what is right for him. As a consequence, I believe that only intellectuals should have freedom just because they would not abuse from it. However, in the end, everyone internalizes the socio-political matrix, no matter if is an intellectual or common person, so they become this matrix, without even...
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