Freedom of Speech

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  • Published : April 26, 2012
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Silence is golden
Freedom of expression is one of many things that make America so great. It lets you express yourself and let everyone know how you feel about certain issues. There is no fear that you will be approached by the authorities and get a slap on the wrist for what you’ve said or worst case scenario put to jail for expressing yourself. Places that don’t have the freedom of expression, people’s opinions are filtered. Only certain things will be heard by people without getting in trouble. How can one live when they can’t express themselves? It is a right that should be practiced everywhere in the world, yet some countries in the world don’t. People must live in fear and be afraid to say anything. Only close friends share their opinions because they know it won’t be overheard by someone who will report it to the authorities. They can’t criticize their government when they make important decisions. Not having freedom of expression is holding them back. People have to pretend that everything that is being done by the authorities is splendid.

With technology being part of our daily life expressing yourself has become even easier and lets you be heard by so many people. Not everyone but most of the people use social media as a way to connect with friends and colleagues. Websites like Facebook and Twitter are like worldwide public forum where something you say can be heard by hundreds or thousands of people, especially when there’s some heated debated going on about some hot topic. Times like these are when you have to be careful what you say. Yes, it is a great right to express yourself freely but sometimes people forget that what they say can offend others and make them look bad in the long run. Alexandra Wallace is a perfect example. A UCLA student that last year posted a video on YouTube ranting about Asians being disrespectful at the library and using their cellphones. The video became famous within days and with it came the ridicule. Many people on...
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