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Freedom of Speech

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Historical Analysis and Introduction

In order to make an essay about the human right of freedom of expression, we need to make an historical analysis about this human right. It is established in the 19 article of the Declaration of Human Rights (1948), and it is recognized in most democratic constitutions in the world. In fact, every democratic government in the world has this right in its constitution and even more developed in its legislation. If people want to actively participate in debates and decision made by politicians and senators, they need to be able to express freely their thoughts without any kind of limitations. This is one of the bases of democracy, in which the governments are elected to seek for the people’s interests. People would not be able to elect the best candidate from a political party if they are not able to hear the politicians’ points of view about economy, finances, taxes, laws, and social issues. That’s why freedom of expression is not only important for individuals, but also to the whole political system, in which people need to actively participate with new ideas and opinions. Looking back to history, freedom of expression has taken an important role in obtaining of certain prerogatives for people. If there was no freedom of expression the religion wouldn`t have been able to expand their philosophy in the world. By putting an example, the Bible is the best seller book ever, and the prophets wrote their thoughts about God and life without any type of restriction, so that millions of other people in the world could read and understand God`s message. Also scientist use freedom of speech in order to tell the world about their inventions and discovering. By putting another example, it was Copernico who said the Earth was not the center of the Universe, and instead it rotates around the sun. Also the famous Christopher Columbus thought that the world was not...

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