Freedom of Speech 3

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  • Published : May 10, 2010
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Freedom of Speech
Are world we live in today will be a dark place without are freedom to say what we want to say and what we would like to say. Different companies are making television and other media censored blocking what the people want to say and I see that unconstitutional. Everything in are lives will be different if we lost the freedom of speech and we will lose are other rights, and everything will be even worst then it is now. Are nation could not last without freedom of speech then losing the other rights.

If we lose our freedom of speech we will not be able to express our thoughts and ideas openly and respectfully. What we say will soon be censored because the government thinks there should be and extent when it does not say that in the constitution. Are four fathers forged the Declaration of Independence to show that are nation was open minded with free speaking individuals. When we lose the freedom to speak we will lose everything that makes us who we are inside.

Freedom of speech will always be important to Americans, but when we realize that we will soon lose that right then we lose all respect for people and we start to lose are other rights and freedoms. If we cannot speak openly then our government will not stop us from speaking out on our own behalf which will allow them to take our other rights and freedoms. If we cannot speak on our behalf who will know that in the future the government will take our other rights? All the rights and laws and freedoms we all got accustomed to, as Americans, will and I do mean will be lost.

Why do people get censored? Why don’t they allow us to speak openly and freely? These are questions that are being asked every single day by students by Americans by our nation. We should realize that we can say what we want but there are limits to what we could say. Everyone does not say things they say around their nephews or nieces that you say around your...
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