Freedom of Speech

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Freedom of Speech
Freedom of speech is a highly discussed topic amongst different cultures and people in the U.S. as well as across the globe. It is a controversy that strikes many in several different ways. Some say that it should be filtered to the highest extent and others say that there should not be any guidelines at all. The Current Issues and Enduring Questions novel has many short stories in it that talk about this touchy subject. Though there are many opinions on the subject, most would agree on one central thought. Freedom of Speech should be free but should be regulated by some guidelines.

In Current Issues and Enduring Questions, there are two articles that convey the same view but state it different ways. The first article is written by a man named Derek Bok and his piece was called Protecting Freedom of Expression on the Campus. Bok describes how many students were displaying distasteful flags and that others were upset about them. Several of the students that were upset retaliated against the people that hung the flags originally by hanging flags of their own or protesting. Though the students are upset, most of the time the college can do nothing about it because that would restrict the student’s 1st amendment. The main part that Mr. Bok is trying to convey is that students should be allowed to portray their own beliefs and opinions but should do it in a righteous and well-mannered way. He also points out that if the disgruntled students were to ignore these “insensitive acts” (Bok 67), then these instigators would eventually take them down. Bok states that “Rather than prohibit such communications, […] it would be better to ignore them, since students would then leave little reason to create such displays and would soon abandon them.” (Bok 67) Derek describes both sides of the story in the sense that he fully believes in freedom of speech but there must be guidelines that help from causing mass chaos and disruptiveness among people of today....
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