Freedom of Speech

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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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Marvine Bleus
Research paper

Topic: Are limits to freedom of speech ever justified? : Annotated Bibliography

Cooray, Mark. Importance of freedom of speech and expression. (1997)

Freedom of speech is important because without it we wouldn’t be able to open freely and speak to the government about our opinions and the government wouldn’t have the opportunity to respond to our critiques .Freedom of speech is the single most important political right of citizens, without free speech no political action is possible and no resistance to injustice and oppression is possible. Without free speech elections would have no meaning at all, but at the same time freedom of speech should have its limits. This source is a reliable source because it highlights all of the key points on to why freedom of speech and some of the reasons why it should and shouldn’t be used.

Richter, Paul. In U.N. speech, Egypt's Morsi rejects broad free speech rights. (2012) This article goes in debt in freedom of speech because it is based on political reasons onto why the government of Egypt opposes freedom of speech. He stated that freedom of expression can be allowed which means that people are free to express themselves freely without being criticized, but he also stated that freedom of speech can be used but to a certain extent where as you don’t say anything to criticize the person in a way or criticize the government. This article is a great source because it shows that other countries around the world also disagree with freedom of speech because sometimes it goes to a certain extent at which it shouldn’t be used. Truly, Jonathan. Wresting Hate Speech from Free Speech. (2002)

This article shows that freedom of speech is not just used to express your opinion but is also used to...
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