Freedom of Speech

Topics: United States Constitution, Louis Brandeis, Freedom of speech Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Khandsuren Narantuya
November 19, 2012
Freedom of Speech and My Right to Silence at Bath Time
The article “Freedom of Speech and My Right to Silence at Bath Time” by Patti Waldmeir is about how telemarketers should not be calling family householders. Telemarketers get angry at the negative response the people give them when they call, but after all, they are disturbing people in the comfort of their own. However, these telemarketers also have freedom of speech. As it says in the article “… advertisers have a right to broadcast their wares, but consumers have a right to refuse to listen.” Patti Waldmeir uses in her article logos. She gives facts and people’s speech to get to her audience. Weldmeir makes her audience to believe that everybody would like to register in do-not-call or do-not-spam list. She uses claim of value because not everybody thinks telemarketers are frustrating or disturbing. Writer’s concept is freedom of listening. She defines it by not to be bothered during a catnap on a Sunday or bathing her children in peace without an invasion of the telemarketers. It is her freedom of listening. Wladmeir also supports freedom of speech that telemarketers have rights too. Her negation type of definition of freedom is “… the U.S. Constitution intrudes into one’s daily life in America.” Author uses restrictive type of definition by quote of Justice Louis Brandeis: “the right most valued by civilized men.” His view is an influential oratorical tool for those who think their home should be more than a spam receptacle. Freedom of listening is an issue of the 21st century. As technology develops broadcasters start to look for the new possibilities to advertise their product. One of the advertising methods is calling to the households. House owners think it is disturbing and frustrating. However, it is telemarketer’s job to call them. And there comes the issue on freedom of listening. One register to...
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