Freedom of Expression in India

Topics: Democracy, Law, Mass media Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Freedom of expression in India

Our motherland is everything for us and no matter how far we are from our motherland, we feel connected to our country emotionally as well as spiritually. We enjoy and celebrate the achievements and developments of our country with pride. Whenever we notice any positive development or urbanization, we feel proud to be the part of our country.

When we have the right to celebrate the achievements of our country, we also have the right to criticize the negative development and unethical activities. As the citizen of our country we have the right to vote and elect the person who we trust for the welfare of common public and the country. Any country is represented by its people and every citizen is crucial and important as we all unite together and establish a wonderful nation.

When we notice that our politicians are doing something really great for our country , we reward them by reelecting them in coming elections , we make them our favorite leader and we often spread there songs of victory to our friends and society . The political leaders are answerable to us, there accountability and there behavior depends on there actions.

We people are also bound by rules and regulations, law and order should be applicable for everyone. Law and order is impartial and genuine, the culprit gets punishment and the innocent gets rewards. Well things should be under control of law and we all have to work positively for the progress of our nation.

But things become artificial when the law and order favors the influential and powerful people, besides committing thousands of mistakes the powerful culprits are not punished and on the other hand the common man is punished every single second for his one mistake.

Thousands of cases of powerful businessmen and politicians are pending and files are closed with the token of money but still the common man has no right to raise his voice against corruption.

The media groups and big media...
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