Freedom of Christians

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The Freedom of a Christian
Martin Luther the author of The Freedom of a Christian talks about many components on how to be a Christian, what they believe in, and living the life of a Christian. Martin Luther speaks specifically about two propositions in his writings concerning the freedom and the bondage of the spirit. The first proposition is that a Christian is perfectly free and subject to none. Where as the second proposition is a perfectly dutiful servant and subject to all. Both of these idea seem to contradict each other as a Christian can not be both free and a dutiful servant. Martin Luther discusses how it is contradicting but at the same time if both could work together it would serve a Christian’s purpose.

Martin Luther also talks about man having a two fold nature. He believes it is a spiritual and a bodily one. The spiritual nature which is referred to as the soul is called spiritual where as the bodily nature which is referred to as flesh. Martin Luther also talks about Christians having this thing called an “inner man’’. The “inner man” has to see how righteous, free, and pious Christian that is spiritual becomes what he is (Luther, 344). No external thing has much influence in producing Christian righteousness or freedom or even in producing unrighteousness (Luther, 345). Martin Luther discusses the morals and beliefs of what it means to be a Christian in his writings.

Luther, M. (1957). The freedom of a christian. (Vol. 31, pp. 343-377). Fortress Publishers.
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