Freedom of Choice

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Freedom of choice
“To be or not to be that a question.” This saying is from a very famous poet called William Shakespeare. It means that we need to make choices when we face some questions and we need bear all the consequences and before we make choices, we need to mull. Sometimes, we can make choices by ourselves, but they can cause mistakes. So, I think it costs society for people to have the freedom of making choices. I will show three examples of making choices and they are from a book called “The Giver”, a fictional story called “ Mermaid” and an article we read in class called “what makes teens drink”.

In the book, in Jonas society, a receiver called Rosemary, she ask to release because she think that she can’t bear too much pain and she think that release is just go to another community, but she doesn’t know release means euthanasia. She makes a wrong choice, that cause she dies and all of her memories return to the people in the community and cause disturbance.

Hans Christian Andersen writes the story called and it tell us that a beautiful mermaid save a prince’s life in the ocean, and she loves the prince but the prince doesn’t know he was saved by the mermaid, he thinks that the princess from another country. The mermaid wants to meet the prince, she makes a decision that she lost her nice voice and she gets feet. But if the mermaid can’t get married with the prince, she will become bubble. Then, the prince meet her but he still think the princess save his life. As the result of mermaid’s throat, she can’t tell prince. Finally, prince get married with the princess and mermaid become bubble.

The article we read in class tells us that many minors drink in Nebraska and it is illegal. But major teens are not. So that is because of teen’s own choice and their parents don’t set the standard and rules very clear. Pressure is the reason of teens drink and that may cause crime. Alcohol can affect decision-making and the body. So teens should know why...
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