Freedom of Change

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Freedom of Change
It's 2013. Women's suffrage has been obtained, legal racial segregation has come to an end, and labor laws now protect a person's livelihood in the workforce. Women, non-white citizens, and most workers in America, have worked very hard to fight for those freedoms and rights. Yet as a country, we cannot decide if people of the same sex should be given marriage rights. So will gay couples be given the right of marriage in the years to come? Will their fight for change, have the same outcome as their predecessors? So far, nine states have already made the change, let's hope more do so in the near future. The gay community, in America, has been advocating for this change for quite some time, and they refuse to give up their right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Times are changing, and two people who love each other, regardless of their sexual orientation, should be given the right and freedom to marriage.

If two people want to share their lives together, legally, they should have the right to. It is unlawful and discriminatory to not allow freedom of personal choice, regarding marriage and family life. On August 4, 2010, US District Judge, Vaughn Walker wrote Prop 8 in California was, "unconstitutional under both the Due Process and Equal Protection clauses". These clauses come from the same notion written in the Declaration of Independence, where everyone is entitled to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Also, these inalienable Rights are to be considered by the courts when in due process, and should not discriminate against anyone. The gay community has suffered through laborious court appeals and protests, but still fight regardless of negative outcomes. This persistence and passion will, hopefully one day, create a country in which they will be seen as equal individuals.

These individuals only seek equality and acceptance, where they can be able to make decisions together, as a family. When you become married,...
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