Freedom Marathon

Topics: Stations of the Cross, Volunteering, Marathon Pages: 5 (1964 words) Published: April 23, 2013
PRTS 211|
Freedom Marathon Recollection|
Old Dominion University|
Sara Ann Dansey|

Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management|

Freedom Marathon Incorporated is a nonprofit organization established to give recognition to the wounded and homeless veterans of our country. This year the marathon was held in downtown Norfolk, Virginia. The marathon consists of; a 5K race, a half and full marathon, and a mile run for the children to participate in. There are raffles and silent auctions that occur, as well as many volunteers that come out to help support the remarkable event. A couple of days before the marathon takes place, there is an Exposition held at The Scope, where volunteers and many supporters gather to help the runners become prepared and organized for the big races being held. There are many jobs that the volunteers can sign up for, and I chose to participate in the Drawing stand and the Shirt Distribution stand. I volunteered for two days of the Exposition, and as a supervisor for the water station at mile marker 6.7 during the main event. For each day that I volunteered, I had to get a participation sheet signed by one of the staff members running the event. I also had to pick up a Freedom Marathon shirt that would need to be worn during the Exposition and at the water stations on the day of the race. Once I completed each volunteer day, I went home and typed up a journal entry, describing what I did and what occurred during my volunteer services at the Scope and the water station that I supervised over. I have provided the journal entries in this reflection paper to support my services, and to give further detailed descriptions of my amazing experience during this year’s Freedom Marathon Incorporated.

First Day of Exposition!!
Friday, November 9th, 2012
My first day volunteering for the Freedom Marathon Exposition was held at The Scope in downtown Norfolk, Virginia. I signed up for the hours between twelve thirty and four in the evening, where all the volunteers were given different duties to perform. We were handed proper shirt sizes, given a brief explanation about the exposition, told to be as beneficial as possible, and to work together to get as many of the tasks completed. Some worked the Shirt Distribution stand, while others greeted the runners and visitors at the door with friendly smiles and prepared answers for the different questions that could be of concern. A young lady named Christy Wright, also a classmate of mine at Old Dominion, worked with me at the Drawing stand. We; collected money for additional raffle tickets, asked visitors walking by if they would like to sign up for the Silent Auction being held for the donated humidors, helped guide the runners to the registration table for the drawing, and answered any other questions to the best of our capability that were of a concern to the patron. We each took turns helping the many runners and visitors at our stand, and rotated for restroom or water breaks when necessary. For lunch the generous staff provided pizza, and soda or water to drink. Starbucks also donated coffee throughout the event, keeping everyone awake and energized. I have never volunteered for such an organized event, and so far my experience has been wonderful and very educational. The hospitality of so many supporters created such a constructive energy throughout the exposition, I believe many had an enjoyable experience.

New experiences at Shirt Distribution!
Saturday, November 10th, 2012
Today I volunteered at the Scope in downtown Norfolk, Virginia, from nine thirty in the morning till four in the evening for the continuance of the Freedom Marathon Exposition. Sunday is the main events so the runners for the half and full marathon came in to retrieve their information packets, and shirts which they will wear during each run. Before I was assigned to work with a few other ladies behind the Shirt Distribution stand, the staff...
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