Freedom Isn't Free

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Freedom isn’t Free


Sean Andrew Drop

Freedom isn’t Free

When our founding fathers were drafting out the Declaration of Independence they knew then that the British were not going to take our stance for independence without a fight. Even before the first signature was placed upon our countries most valued document they knew there would be bloodshed. But, deciding to fight for our own freedom was the only way we could govern ourselves and make our own laws without British rule. By breaking free of Britain we were able to worship the way we wanted to, we had the freedom to speak openly, we could live and build our homes where we wanted them. The pact the Founding Fathers made with the citizens of the new world was to guarantee their freedom forever with the Constitution, who’s first ten Amendments are called The Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights guaranteed the basic freedoms of life; the right to Life, Liberty, and Prosperity. National independence is having your own freedom and being independent from other nations. The greatest example of this is of America being independent from Great Britain. The war that was so viscously fought in 1776 was not fought in vain. The fight was fought with purpose and with reason to declare the separation of British rule and American rule. The lives that were lost in the blood bath that followed were the heavy price we paid for freedom. The war left many women widows and children fatherless. The original war for independence was the fight of the American colonists demanding to have their own government and no longer be ruled by Britain. The British were not exponentially happy about giving up their colonies because the colonies were brining in monuments amounts of money there by taxing the people for goods and if Britain got into a war, they could have the colonies fight for them. The Americans began boycotting British goods and admittedly upset the British by having the Boston Tea Party and throwing all the tea overboard. The British forces started to force their way into people’s homes and that in sighted and agitated the American colonists. The colonists began to take action by planning to attack the British troops by means of revenge as tar and feathering them. Once the British learned of these heinous acts against its troops the war was declared over and had been won by America and now there was American Independence. The War of 1812 is significant to United States history in numerous ways. We were able to retain our American Independence by not losing another war with the British. It was also an eye opener to realize the war showed the Americans that a stronger military was needed. It strengthened our isolation by giving us courage. The war also created new jobs and stimulated our weak economy as it stimulated manufacturing. These results helped the wants and needs of our newly won independence. But as a new young country we needed to gain respect and resourcefully over time and slowly being to acquire the many necessities we would need to survive. The War of 1812 was the second time we had gone to war with Great Britain, and we were very grateful that for a second time we had not lost. Never again would we have to prove ourselves as an independent country or our independence ever questioned again. It was the win of the navy battle that had helped us win the war. And, by doing so it brought hope and peace to hearts of the American people. After having almost lost the battle, but turning it around with the navy ship and fighting back against the British we had won the ultimate battle of all time.

The British, after burning down the capitol, went to destroy...
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