Freedom in the Classroom

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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Patrick Elliott
Classroom Management Project 2

Freedom in the Classroom
One of the common misconceptions in a classroom is that to be effective at classroom management you have to be controlling. It is Important in teaching for students to have freedom to think, freedom of movement, and the freedom to be responsible for themselves, their work and their relationships. The idea is that the more you’re on of top of your students with rules, the more you’re directing their actions and decisions. The resulting discontent causes a pushback from students and a rise of misbehavior. Some students will rebel because they do not want to be told what to do. You start to disinterest some student from the lesson and its content. You become more focused on basic classroom management and behavior than the actual development of the students. John has a classroom that represents the freedom for his students to learn and enjoy school without interference from the typical rules of a teacher’s classroom. One of the strategies that I thought worked well was Johns leave the students alone approach. Once he finished giving his students instruction, he let them progress in groups with their activity on current events news casting. The strategy of giving the students the freedom to work independently seemed to work very well. They seemed to be doing what John asked for, and didn’t seem to be breaking the classroom rules. He allowed them to wrestle with the academic conundrums he placed before them without interrupting, instead giving positive feedback and motivation when necessary. This gave the students the opportunity to grow without constant teacher correction and instruction, which may have pushed students away from learning. Giving them a chance to mature and develop and become more independent without ruining their individual development. His role is to create conditions under which his students can blossom and grow through peer interactions. When the student seemed to...
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