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Learn to type in Devanagari in 10 Minutes
(applies to Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, Nepali, Konkani)

Rule 1:

Type the phonetically nearest English alphabet repeatedly till you see the character you want on screen. Type s once for स, twice for श and thrice for ष.
Also, to attach र to an alphabet as in क्र,कृ type r repeatedly after the alphabet. For क्रम, type krrm, for कृपा, type krrrpa

Rule 2:

For half characters, type ‘ x ’ after the alphabet.
For गुप्ता, type gupxta ; for कर्मा type krxma

Rule 3:

Type z to get all the special characters and symbols in Devanagari. For exampleं ँ ़ ः ।

The rules will become clearer when you type few words.

Type the following words with Lipikaar to complete your understanding of the rules. कमल देविका सुधीर कर्मा मिस्टर ऐनक उल्लू मंगल

Read the table below once to familiarize yourself with the phonetically nearest English alphabets for each of the Devanagari alphabets. Typing Table for Devanagari

|Type the English character one or more times to get the corresponding Devanagari characters | |k |» |क ख क्त क़ ख़ | |g |» |ग घ ज्ञ ङ ग़ | |c |» |च छ क्ष | |j |» |ज झ ञ ज्ञ ज़ | |t |» |त थ ट ठ त्र | |d |» |द ध ड ढ द्ध द्व द्य द्द | |w |» |व द्व ह्व | |n |» |न ण ऩ द्न ह्न | |p |» |प फ फ़ | |f |» |फ फ़ प...
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