Free Will vs. Determinism

Topics: Free will, Determinism, Randomness Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: April 7, 2012
Free Will vs. Determinism
Nathan Barclay
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Is it possible that two philosophical worlds can coexist yet still be argue no to? There are many who say yes and many who say no. Some believe that life is lived by free will. Others believe that life is lived through predetermination, known as determinism. May one thing exist if another cannot. Who is to say yes or no?

Free Will vs. Determinism
Socrates: “May it be that there is substantial reason to believe things are what they are because of what they were?” Nathan: “So, you too would be describing determinism as the way things will be as a result of how things are and work of natural laws? Socrates: “Would you agree that this means there is no human freedom of choice or action that was ours to make in the first place?” Nathan: “No, I would like to believe humanity has the freedom of choice, since our choices are ours in the first place, although they must have an explanation.” Socrates: “Is it possible that every choice may not have an explanation for why something led to specific effects?” Nathan: “Yes, it is possible, but I would like to think that some situations do not hold explanations.” Socrates: “Nathan, is there room for acceptance that human choices or situations may be events?” Nathan: “That would be to say that they are mere objects in time or instantiations of properties in objects.” Socrates: “Possibly, but wouldn’t that mean they would hold an explanatory cause?” Nathan: “If what you’re asking determines whether or not there is an explanation for why something happened that led to a specific effect, then yes.” Socrates: “Would you agree that every choice or event would have an explanatory cause?” Nathan: “Yes, I would like to believe that sometimes some choices or events are random leading to free will.” Socrates: “Are these human choices or events we speak of the same or are they different?” Nathan: “I would believe them to be different. Choices are instances of free will...
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