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  • Published : December 2, 2009
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How-To Free WAP on SCH-u740

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How-To Free WAP on SCH-u740

Step 1: Register for an account at Step 2: Once you have registered for an account and you can access the page send a e-mail to this e-mail address '' with your phone number and password of your choice. (This will give you access to their wap server) Step 2.5 (Optional) If you e-mail '' and get no response another optional registraion e-mail address is '' but try the first one first as I have confirmed it does indeed work Step 3: Once you have received your confirmation e-mail that you have access to the wap server do the following steps on your phone to enable the correct menus and settings needed Step 4: Go to the "Settings and Tools" menu and press "OK". Once you are in there press the # key, you should be prompted for a “User Lock” password enter “0 0 0 0 0 0” for the password. Once in the “SYSTEM INFO” menu press "0" one more time and you will be prompted with another “User Lock” password request, input 0 2 1 8 2 4 3 4 4 0. This will unlock yet another menu “PARAM EDITOR”, once in this last and final menu go down to the "USERPREFS Editor" and press "OK", erase the “0” and change it to a “1”. Press "OK" to apply the changes and simply press the “END” button to return to the phones main screen. Step 5: Press the “MENU” button go into the “GET IT NOW” menu once in the main screen of the menu press “#” and you will be prompted with a “ENTER LOCK CODE” password prompt. Enter the last 4 of your phone number (unless you change the security code). Once you do this you will be in the “Browser Settings” menu. You are now ready to setup the server information for free wap . Step 6: Under the “Browser Settings” menu input all of the following information: PRIMARY DNS

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