Free Throw Shooting

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Free throw shooting is an art and skill which can affect the outcome of the game. The true definition is a stand still uncontested shot that is placed fifteen feet or four and fifty-seven hundredths meters from the basketball hoop (Lowry,5/13/07). In a coach’s mind free throws should be automatic, a player should rarely miss a free throw. But as the game keeps evolving, the fundamental of the free throw is being lost. There are plenty of things that go into the shot, first the routine, then the balance, after that you look at the rim or sight your goal, and finally you shoot (Timms, 10/6/08). If you are missing mechanics or balance it will throw off your shot, even changing your routine can drop your free throw percentage (Timms, 10/6/08). Hanging from the basketball hoop is a net, often times players see the net before they see the rim. This is because the net is bigger and it has a distinct white color, there is a net and then it is gone there is a possibility that the percentage of the shot they are shooting will go down. This project will try to figure out if the net is that big of a factor during a free throw shot. Balance is a big key to free throw shooting, if your balance is off, it is likely that the shot will miss (Lowry,5/13/07). Any kind of shift and balance during your shot can change the direction it is going and this is what messes a lot of basketball players up during their shot (McCormick, 2/10/10). Also balance can lead to power and when you are tired and fatigued from playing a game you need extra power to get your shot all the way to the hoop and in (Timms, 10/6/08). When the game is on the line and someone misses a free throw, it is not because they were tired they probably didn’t have the balance so they had no power on their shot. Games have

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been won or lost on the free throw line and a simple thing like balance can be the difference between winning and losing. The basic...
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