Free Speech on Campus

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  • Published : March 6, 2012
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Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak freely without censorship. Early Americans enjoyed great freedom of speech compared to citizens of other nations. This strength was achieved through the exercise of the First Amendment right to freedom of expression. The right of free speech is held by all of us. Any attempt to limit that freedom for some, including the bigot who expresses prejudiced, wrong, and hateful opinions, risks limiting that freedom for all of us. The U.S. Constitution says that we are a nation with the freedom to articulate beliefs and opinions in open  discussion, but current, unwritten "politically correct" rules many times conflict with our constitutional rights so that we must ask, does  freedom of speech really exist in our daily life? Is the First Amendment being applied to students’ life on campus? Before expressing a strong opinion on anything, most of us carry out a practical inventory of possible results: how will a professor, the dean or some other campus authority figure react if a student disagrees with the professor’s way of teaching or some other action that affects campus life? Should campuses encourage the free exchange of ideas? Free speech on campus should be encouraged to promote academic achievement but controlled to discourage speech that deters students from enjoying the intellectual life in an academic setting. Where else but on campus can difficult issues be debated? Free speech on campus is so important because academic settings thrive on a constant discourse of opposing ideas. Freedom of speech on campus defines students’ spirit to imagination, creativity, enterprise, and wonder. This is the place where disputes and debates can take place between students working on different group projects in class, participating in discussions about reasons of downturns of economy in the United States, expressing their ideas about the war in Iraq. Students also should have opportunity to express their ideas freely during...
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