Free Sample Effect: Does It Really Promote Sales?

Topics: Japanese cuisine, Teriyaki, Restaurant Pages: 2 (916 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Free sample effect: Does it really promote sales?
A research study on Sushi Café
The observation was engaged at Sushi Café, which located on the 3rd floor of Providence Place. It is right in the middle of the Food Court of all the dinning courts. Started at 12:20 PM, my partner Mia and I had been recording an Asian lady standing right in front of Sushi café giving away samples—chicken teriyaki sushi, (also was that day’s special entrée). Mia and I have agreed to record this girl’s reaction towards different customers and the actual percentage of them who tried samples really bought sushi for lunch in the following one hour. The first and most impressive character of the 25 years old around Asian girl was her strong enthusiasm whenever she was talking to any passing person and introducing the samples even if they are not buying the food. It is obvious that of all the employees who were giving away samples, this girl is the most active one who drives everyone’s attention when people try to come close to food court. During the period of lunchtime from 12:20 to 13:20, the girl ran back and forth to refill the sample plate seven times in total. It took about 6 minutes on average to give out all samples (12-15 pieces of sushi in one plate). It was really a busy day at Providence Place that people seems like flowing in the crowd. Firstly about 15 people came near Sushi Café together and only 3 of them had a try with the suspicious facial expression about the sample they were eating. Most of them did not know much about Japanese food well because they were asking the girl for the menu and also inquiring for the food content they were just taking. Among these 15 people, 2 female decided to buy it for lunch. No matter how many customers ask or deny trying samples, the girl was always showing smiling face and she has been shouting out loud about the special chicken teriyaki in order to drive more customers’ attention. The next sample-giving session started at...
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