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Biscuit Mania – The Britannia Story

How is it that the humble biscuit, a little remnant of colonialism, today, seems as Indian as pakoras and chutney? The answer goes all the way back to Kolkata, circa 1918 when Britannia Biscuit Co. Ltd. began their operations. Today, Britannia is the market leader in the organized biscuit and bakery product market in India.

Britannia’s single most significant achievement has been penetrating the mindset of the Indian consumer and making household names out of its products. From the ever-popular chocolate Bourbons to the ubiquitous “tiger” glucose biscuits, Britannia covers a gamut of confectionery items. Its product Marie, with `very English’ charm, is still popular all over the country. Consolidating its strengths in the biscuit market and establishing high brand equity, Britannia has now forayed into the dairy business and offers flavoured milk, butter, ghee and cheese.

The entry of MNC heavyweights like Kelloggs, Sara Lee and Heinz has made absolutely no difference to Britannia’s unchallenged supremacy over the Indian confectionery market. Britannia continues to produce quality products at reasonable costs, targeting the common man and winning the hearts of millions of customers.

One definite factor is the uncanny ability to identify the Indian palate and come up with products suiting distinctive tastes, innovative marketing offers are a way of life for them. They pioneered the concept of `health’ food before any of the MNCs arrived on Indian shores. Their `eat healthy, think better campaign’ became a buzzword in the industry, leading many competitors to follow suit. Using India’s biggest icon of the 90s, Sachin Tendulkar, as a brand ambassador for their biscuits, was a masterstroke in Britannia’s product promotion.

Britannia certainly believes in leaving no market segment unnoticed with products ranging from `Milk Bikis’ for the young ones to the new `Marie Gold’ digestive biscuits for...

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