Free Fatty Acid Test

Topics: Sodium hydroxide, Titration, Water Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: August 28, 2012

AIM: To determine seed FFA
Chemcals required
* Oxalic acid pellets
* Sodium hydroxide pellets
* Rectified spirit
* Phenolphthalein
* Distilled water
Apparatus required
* 250ml standard flask(oxalic acid)
* 1l std flask(sodium hydroxide solution)
* 50ml beaker for solution preparation
* 250ml beaker for solution preparation
* Spatula
* 50ml burette with standard for titration
* 100ml conical flask
* Weighing scale
* Hot plate

i)preparation of oxalic acid
* take 1.6 gm of oxalic acid pellets in 50 ml beaker and pour distilled water in it * wait to dissolve and then makeup it to 250 ml standard flask ii)preparation of sodium hydroxide solution

* take 4gm sodium hydroxide pellets in 250 ml beaker and pour distilled water in it * wait to dissolve then makeup it to 1l standard flask.
iii)Titration for normality of NaOH
* take 20ml of NaOH solution in 100ml conical flask add 1 drop of phenolphthalein * the colour changes to pink colour
* take oxalic acid in 50ml burette and titrate against NaOH solution .The end point is the appearance of pale permanent pink colour. Formula for normality
Normality of NaOH=(burette reading*strength of oxalic acid)/20ml of NaOH Strength of oxalic acid=amount of OXALIC ACID(gm)* amount of NaOH /mol.wt of oxalic acid

* Take approximately 50-60gm of seed sample to mixi and crushed for 1 or 2 min. * The crushed seeds taken in 100 or 250ml Iodine value(IV) flask * Add 60 to 90ml of Hexane In IV flask and shake it well and close by using stopper * Wait for 5min

* Take 50 or 100ml beaker and make the filter paper in round shape and place it beaker * Now pour the Hexane mixed with seed sample in the filter paper * Collect filtered Hexane mixed oil in the beaker and place it in hot plate. * The Hexane evaporates and the...
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